BIX Fest

March 8 - 11, 2018

Schedule of Events

Hot renaissance at Pudgy's
9pm - March 8th

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Thursday, March 8th

Jazz Site Bus Tour
Sleep, drink, pee, watch films on the bus - 10 to 8pm
Pudgy's - 9pm to ?

$20 with Patron package
$35 in advance and at the Door (if available)

Bus trip starts at 10am.
Racine Hotel Lobby
Returns 8pm to Lobby & Pudgy's across highway,
for Bix & Liz Beiderbecke's b-day. Musicians jam.

Eat a Good Breakfast. Snacks & Drinks on bus.
Food at 6pm. Good & cheap. On the road.
Diabetics - please stuff pockets as required.

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Friday, March 9th

Record sales from 9am till 6pm

Lecture - 3pm - Essential Armstrong

Concert 7-8pm, films from 8pm till ?
Concurrent Jam Session

9pm Late Nite Record Spinning


Saturday, March 10th

Record sales from 9am till 4pm

Lecture - 1pm - Essential Tram - mostly with Bix

Mystery Record Contest - 3pm
$100 in prize money

Concert from 7:00 pm to 1am
Honky Tonk Gang,
Galaxie Girls

Jam Session after concert

Late Nite Record Spinning?


Sunday, March 11th

Concert from Noon till 7pm - all three bands

Extra Innings Jam Session in Lounge 8pm to ?
Free Admit. Cash Bar & Food

Free Bix birthday cake, 3pm


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Four schmoozers late 1990's

After tribute - in Davenport with Paul & his gang from Sweden. Year 2000.

Bix's bedroom & famous closet

Bix played like a bear because of bad gin per Illinois state doctor.

Available at record, book & S/M show - Fri/Sat

What's the dog's name? Maurice?

More Dorsey brothers?

Band Personnel

Who are these people?

Dorsey Bros. Orchestra

Andy Schumm (ARR & CNT)
Mike Davis (CNT & TPT)
Dave Bock (TBN)
John Otto (CLT & REEDS)

Evan Arntzen (ALTO)
Jacob Zimmerman (TEN)
John Donatowicz (GTR & BJO)
Paul Asaro (PNO)
Beau Sample (ST. BASS)

Alex Hall (DMS)

Sweet Sheiks


Jen Muttin (GTR & WB)
Ousia Lydian (VLN)

Garrett Burton (BJO)
Andrew Spadaford (CLT)
Aaron Hohnson (TUBA)

Ragtime Masters

Reginald Robinson
John Reed-Torres



Who's that guy at bottom left? Free shot of Old Crow if you know!

Hey! Dollface! Let's go to the fest! Honest to God. This guy calls me every day for a date.



Michelle and Lisa - 2003


2003 - Tiny Parham's grave

Alice Faye Anita Page


Who dat? Kathy 2003


Some Don't!

Phil at 110 yrs old


You know my feeling on the fest.


Dan Levinson's Ted Lewis Orch. 2003